UART-Interface Systems
  UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. It is a simple system device that transmits data between serial and parallel forms in which users are able to control high performance Color TFT displays and create high level Graphic User Interface (GUI) from low-end systems. This function is enabled with smart software exchange data between memorizer port and users to make ZERO CODE for HMI development come true.

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Advantages behind GUI Intelligent TFT LCD Modules

Some differences between the traditional LCD and UART interface LCD's are:
  • Without code programming for realizing GUI effects, users may read and rewrite the code that is stored in the variable memory by serial ports, which greatly reduces the code amount of users' micro controller, and the touching logics as well as displayed contents are defined by configuration files.
  • Functions such as conversing image format and supporting animation effects and images are equipped. Also an extensive font, icon, and image library available for user selection.
  • With only an SD card containing DWIN_SET folder which stored touch config. File, Image&Icon file, it can realize interface effects without PC terminal assistant operation.
  • Extreme response speed of refresh time (≤200 ms) to meet users' highly real time requirements; Commands will never overflow from the buffer, so that no necessity for users to judge the condition of serial port.
  • DGUS can achieve RTC display, up/down and zoom-in/out of curve as well as icon/images recycles automatic play with no involvement of MCU code.
  • User can choose to modify the display format during the operation process.
  • Parameter input of the touch screen is performed by AMP's display. Highly abstract variables (64 variables/page), the number of touch buttons has no limits.

DWIN Intelligent LCD includes six series: M series(Monochrome), C series(Consumer), T series(Basic), S series(Standard), K series(Enhanced) and Q series(Specification). The temperature range within -20/+70 or beyond -20/+70.

With only three data lines, the MCU is capable of controlling the LCD module. Anyone can perform TFT design with minimal programming.


    HMI UART Accessories
Depending on the HMI UART display you purchase, your display may include an FFC cable. Below are a list of accessories that you might need when deciding on a UART display.

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