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  For the p/n AU-PT035ETPTM, what termination method do they use with the unused pins?

If user use SPI, all of pin should not be connected to anything. If user use RGB, none of the pins should be connected to anything as well.

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Can the user use SPI mode for transmitting images to the display or used only to set up display registers?

Use SPI only to set up display initialization sequence. SPI and RGB can not used simultaneously. When user are using SPI, RGB needs to be empty, so do not connect to RGB.

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Is the SPI only used for parameter settings?

The interface of AU-PT035ETPTM is RGB+SPI(Serial peripheral interface Bus). In SPI interface, there usually have four pins-SDO, SDI, SCLK and CS(SS).SPI makes MCU to communicate with other devices as I send the Block diagam. SPI is used for initializing codes in programs. Mainly it is used to set the basic parameters of TFT. Please request for initialization codes and note, the part# AU-PT035ETPTM uses the IC, NT39016.

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