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  PC cannot communicate with the terminal

Case 1: The baud rate of the computer software does not match the one of the terminal.
Solution: The factory default baud rate of the terminal is 115200, the baud rate of the computer should also be set to 115200, or, the communication fails. If a customer changes the baud rate of the terminal and does not know the figure he/she changes to, he/she could search it by using the 'serial port adjust assistant". Here below is the specific operating method.
1. Tick the 'HEX send' option;
2. Input handshake order AA 00 CC 33 C3 3C to the 'character input frame';
3. Set the timed sending to 100ms/ per time, tick the 'timed Now the software should be sending the order through the serial port continually.
4. Choose the baud rate; use the mouse to choose a random baud rate and roll the pulley. If the communication is successful, there should be a return value on the main window, then the baud rate on the window would be the present baud rate of the terminal.

Case 2: The serial port of the PC is being occupied.
Solution: Shutting down all the other programs and soft wares running on the PC which are occupying the serial port.

Case 3: The cable between the terminal and the serial port of the PC is disconnected.
Solution: Check if the cable is well connected, especially on the connecting point between the flat wire and the serial port DB9. If it's disconnected, you need to reconnect them by jointing or by changing to another cable.

Case 4: Short circuit of the jumper wire which is used for setting the baud rate.
Solution: After the short circuit operation, the baud rate should be 921600, disconnect the short circuit and the baud rate should be the one set by the customer, which is the factory default value 115200bps.

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Abnormal display of the terminal

Case 1: the configuration parameter error of the terminal's display caused by the customer's incorrect operation.
Solution: This problem will only occur when using the program version under V5.3. Since for program V5.3 and programs above it, the customer cannot change the configuration parameter of the display. When this happened, you have to refer to part of the TFT_ID parameter diagram in the 'working mode configuration' of the 'instruction set' and to find the corresponding TFT_ID, then to change it by using EO order of the 'system parameter setting' icon under the 'developing and demonstrative assistant' option.

Case 2: Poor contact between the linking module set and the white cable of the wire board.
Solution: check the cable and make sure it's well connected.

Case 3: Dazzling monitor occurs when issuing the picture.
Solution: Choose the right resolution (in the drop down list of control panel on the left side of TerminalAssistant.exe).

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Blank screen or no display on the terminal.

Case 1: The voltage input is too low.
Solution: Refer to the product data manual and choose the typical voltage input;

Case 2: Case 2: The background light is turned off because the receiving of a background light turned-off order.
Solution: To check if you have sent an order to turn off the background light. If you have done that, you just need to restart the terminal again and it will be recovered. The setting of the background light volume would not be saved automatically.

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Unable to display the text correctly, display unrecognizable or no text displayed.

Case 1: When using the 98 order, the definition is incorrect.
Solution: Refer to the specific definition of 98 orders in the 'instruction set', or consult with technical support.

Case 2: When testing with the software, the display is unrecognizable.
Solution: The coding pattern of the transferred word stock should be in accordance with and lattice size of it.

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The touch screen is not accurate or unable to operate on

Case 1: Infrequent adjustment lead to the low accuracy.
Solution: To use the 'adjust the touch screen' function under the 'peripheral' option of the Terminalassistant software. After the adjustment, you could test the touch screen.

Case 2: The poor contact between the connecting line of the touch screen and the PCB board.
Solution: To check whether the connection between the connecting wire of the touch screen and the pin on the back is loosen; if it's loosen, adjust it and make it perfectly connected.

Case 3: The touch screen has not been set to the switch mode.
Solution: When finished the process of setting the touch screen interface, you need to use OxEO order or by clicking the 'system parameter setting' icon under the 'developing and demonstrative assistant' option of Dwin's terminal, and to set the touch screen to the corresponding switch mode. For further explanation please refer to 'instruction set' OxEO.

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Fail to communicate by using USB

Case 1: There is no USB driver in the PC.
Solution: To set up a CP210X drive by downloading from internet or by obtaining from a CD.

Case 2: The chosen communicating port is incorrect.
Solution: After setting up the drive, the PC will automatically create a new port, please search for it under the 'device manager' folder which is under 'my computer' folder. You should be able to communicate through this port.

Case 3: The chosen baud rate is incorrect.
Solution: There is a bridle wire on the back of the terminal which is for setting the baud rate, you will need to short-circuit it and use the baud rate of 921600bps.

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Control equipment (e.g. MCU) cannot communicate with the terminal

Case 1: The level of terminal and MCU do not match with each other.
Solution: the MCU level is TTL, so it needs to be converted to a level of 232; or the level of the terminal could be converted to TTL. On the back of the terminal where near the 8 Pin connecter, there are signs of ON/TTL and OFF/232. When short-circuit, it will be the level of TTL.

Case 2: The baud rate of the terminal and that of the MCU are not in accordance.
Solution: to set the baud rate of the terminal and that of the MCU the same figure, the factory default baud rate of the terminal is 115200bps.

Case 3: the pins of the terminal and that of the MCU are mismatched.
Solution: There are always mismatching between input and output, the output DOUT of the terminal should be connected to the input (normally RX) of the control equipment; the input DIN of the terminal should be connected to the output (normally TX) of the control equipment

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The Terminalassistant software of Dwin terminal cannot be used

Case 1: There's an alert showed initialization failed when staring up the application.
Solution: When you download the program from our website, please make sure that you download and set up the Framework2.0 software as well (or other program which is compatible).

Case 2: There is no option buttons when opening the drop down list of resolution settings on the left side.
Solution: when you move an application, make sure you move the files of config at the same time; that is putting both files in the same folder. The reason is that all configuration files in the program are under the folder of config.

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Overlapping on the displayed text

Case 1: When you use the command of 98 to display the text, the background color will cover the original text when you turned it on; but if you turned off the background color to realize the transparent display, there would be overlapping occurs.
Solution: Using the textbox with solid-color background; in this way, you will not only achieve the effect of display with the same theme, but also avoid the possibility of overlapping.

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How to display in horizontal direction rather than vertical direction

Case 1: Rotate the picture for 90 degrees in either way.
Solution: Download the picture after spinning 90 degrees in either way.

Case 2: To rotate the text for 90 degrees.
Solution: For the terminals using module program V5.3, you will only need to set the program by using working mode configuration order (E0); For the terminals using module program lower than V5.3, you will need to update certain programs.

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Why MCU and DWIN UART LCM terminal cannot communicate properly?

Case 1: Level of MCU and terminal do not go with each other (TTL or 232)
Solution: the MCU level is TTL, so it needs to be converted into a 232 level; or the terminal can be converted to TTL level, there will be ON / TTL, OFF/232 identity in the back of the terminal near 8Pin terminal place, it will turn to a TTL level after a short circuit.

Case 2: MCU and terminal baud rate is inconsistent
Solution: set the baud rate of the terminal and the MCU, factory default baud rate of the terminal is 115200bps. If you are not able to determine the terminal baud rate, please connect the terminal to the PC for a test, detailed process please refer to Question 2.

Case 3:MCU and UART LCM pin connection error
Solution: the correct connection method is the transmit pin TXD of MCU connecting with receive pin DIN of UART LCM, and receive pin RXD of MCU connecting with the UART LCM send pin DOUT; GND pin of MCU connecting with the GND pin of UART LCM.

Case 4: User's MCU use 25MHz crystal to generate 115200bps, communication with the terminal cannot be achieved
Users use inappropriate crystal for controllers, resulting in big baud rate error and communication failure.

Solution: It is recommended that users select the appropriate parameters according to their own MCU crystal in order to obtain accurate baud rate.

Case 5: Terminal communication cannot be achieved, 202 output pin has no signals, it is recommended to change the terminal.

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Why "high-speed Download" of terminal assistant always fail?

Answer: "Top-speed Download" requires the support of both hardware and software. Because normal computer cannot achieve bout rate over 115200, So "Top-speed Download" cannot be achieved by directly connecting PC with terminal. "Top-speed Download" has two conditions, first, use DIWN top-speed downloading (including xr21v141x chip), such as Question 12. Second, some DWIN terminal itself contains a high-speed download function interface (on-board USB interface and xr21v141x chip). At the same time, you also need to have driver virtual serial port of xr21v141x_driver installed on the PC in order to achieve high-speed download. Note that the "Top-speed Download" only can be used for 6.25MBPS download, and need the support of xr21v141x_driver, 921,600 of CP2102 do not need to check the item.

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Why some time HDL661 does not work?

Answer: Please follow the instruction step by step, "MUST PLACE" in the left-upper corner must connect with terminal to return to command frame. Attachment: HDL661 high-speed downloads:
(1). Terminal baud rate configuration: pads jumper is set to 921600bps. (Terminal PCB silkscreen tips: ON = 921 600, OFF = User Set, factory default is OFF (user set the baud rate). Change to ON (921.6 thousand), directly short with pad / jumper nearby.
(2). Directly use double-8PIN connective line to connect DWIN terminal and HDL661 downloading board.
(3). Use the dual-male USB cable to connect the download board USB female head and PC
(4). Connect the Power Triangle, give power to HDL661
(5). Use DWIN terminal assistant to download pictures by 921600BPS (no handshake needed).

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Baud Rate Setting Problem

Answer: If the kernel version is 6.0 (including 6.0) or above, the use of E0 command to change the baud rate will not be saved after power-off. This allows customers to better debug.
Use E3 command to save, for detailed instruction, please refer to Command Set V2.4.

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Why is the screen always flashed with terminal voltage between 4.6-26v

Answer: Current is not big enough, open a high-current switch.

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How to use UART LCM terminal to achieve transparent text?

Answer: Use 0x71and 0x98 command, first use 0x71 command to cover the content need to display using the original picture, then use 0x98 command to display the text(display the foreground color, cover the background color)

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How to use DWIN UART LCM to achieve animation effect?

Answer: Use 1C configuration file. First save all the mode in one picture and
Save as bin file and download it to the terminal, use 9A command recursively to achieve animation effect.

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How to achieve the fast display of the curve using UART LCM terminal?

Answer: Affected by the communication rate, curve will sometimes appear relatively slow, such as when users want to quickly refresh (less than 100ms) the historical data, use C0 and C1 series command to save data to buffer playback of historical data displayed on the screen, and then the buffer instruction for fast curve can achieve fast refresh.

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How can DWIN UART LCM terminal achieve the synchronous refreshing of multi – parameter display?

Answer: Users can use C1 08 command, first write multiple parameters to be displayed in the buffer using C0 command, then use C1 08 command to display, then multi-parameter synchronous refresh can be achieved.
a. Write the data in the buffer
AA C0 00 00 63 05 00 00 00 00 F8 00 00 1F 00 00 30 39 CC 33 C3 3C
b. Display
AA C1 08 00 00 01 CC 33 C3 3C
Display 12345, font is 16 * 32 dot matrix, the starting point is (0,0), the MODE is 0x63 05, the Parameter is 0x00003039

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How can DWIN terminal achieve synchronous display?

Answer: Due to the data transfer rate, sometimes refreshing a lot of parameters at the same time seem to be not synchronous. Users can use C1 10 command to achieve synchronous display, first use C0 command to save the command series in the buffer, then use C1 10 command to refresh the parameters at the same time.

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