What is your question in regards to?

  How to startup the display?

Refer to the "Quick Startup", then use "DGUS software">DGUS User Manual>DGUS Prgramming Guide

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How to download files like pictures, Font , Icon to SD?

Must be identical to the DWIN module resolution and formated to 24-bit color BMP files. Refer to the "DGUS Programming Guide" on the page 4.(Part1.1 SD Card Configuration Interface)

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How to generate Touch Control via DGUS software? When I try to add a simple button on top of my bmp, it doesn't take when I load to the screen.

Refer to the "DGUS user manual" on the page 14-2.1.6 Touch Control.

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Why when I send a data string: FF FF 06 82 10 00 01 00 20 to the LCD, the LCD resets itself and starts over?

This is due to the error command the user sent. That caused the display abnormally.
All of misuse that not be according to DWIN requirements may cause abnormal. user must upgrade with the latest firmware. Send:FF FF(Frame Header) 05(Data length) 82(Command) 1000(ADR_H:L(0x0000-0x6FFF)) 0020(Data by WORD)

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What baud rate do I need to use? I have been using 19200 for my application so does the LCD now want to always communicate at 19200 or something else?

"DGUS Programming Guide" on the page 5 (1.2 CONFIG.TXT). user can use 19200 to communicate with userr MCU. Set R1=04 in the CONFIG.TXT. If user want to use other baud rate, please set R1 in the CONFIG.TXT file.

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I am trying to get the curve (graphing) to work. I want to send a string data to display curves. Which command set will be used?

Please refer the "DUGS programming Guide" on the page 10.
FF FF , data Length(such as 18), 84, CH_Mode(Channel0+Channel1+…Channel7)+…+ CH_Mode(Channel0+Channel1+…Channel7) (Such as 01 )+DATA(Word) (such as 00 08 00 08 00 08 00 09 00 09 08 09 06 08 07 00 07 09 07 0A).
Or refer to the "DGUS User Manual" on the page 28.

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I'd like to communicate MCU and display when I finish the demo via DGUS Software. Which data frameword or command set will be used?

Please see "DGUS Programming Guide" on the page 10.(2.1 Data Framework & 2.2 Command Set)

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Is there a way to clear the buffer and start over on a graph? I'd like the graph to erase and start a fresh.

There isn't a way to clear the buffer and start over on a graph, but user can directly download userr new graph to the display via SD card.

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How do I connect the MCU to diplay?

The Tx of MCU connects with the Rx of display. The Rx of MCU connects with the Tx of display.
10 pin connector: please conact FAE. 8pin connector(Part# 22-05-7085):http://www.molex.com/molex/products/datasheet.jsp?part=active/0022057085_PCB_HEADERS.xml

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What do you have to offer in terms of reinforced glass (toughened glass)?

We have six modules for reinforced glass:
DMT80480S070_05WT+ (thickness 16.5mm),
DMG32240S035_02WT+ (thickness 14.6mm),
DMG48270S043_01WT+ (thickness 14.8mm)
DMG80480S070_01WT+ (thickness 15.5mm),
DMG80600S104_02WT+ (thickness 23.4mm),
DMG10768S121_02WT+ (thickness 17.0mm)
Please contact us for more information.

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Am I going to have to use the terminal assistant program to load all my picture screens into the display for production?

Another option would be to use userr SD card to load all user pictures. It is actually much more convenient than terminal assistant for production.

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I'm using Vista and the terminal assistant has crashed serveral times and gives code "Stopped working" . I restart and it works again. What is the reason for this?

When user make the connection between module and PC, user should not plug out the module, user should close the TA first.

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How much space does the font library take up? Where do we import in the font library files from window?

There are 32MB space for font storage. See Command Set about command 0x98.

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How many pictures can be stored in display? And what is the refresh rate?

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How do user download pictures faster?

It is different for each display, however, the default baud rate is 115200bps and can be changed to 921600bps, if user want higher speed, userr serial port on PC must support.

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Do user have to reload all pictures every time? Can I just update one screen?

That will not be necessary. Pictures will be stored permanently once downloaded.

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What is the cable part number and recommended connector? Our user is looking to place the 10-pin ribbon cable from the display to their PCB.

The standard cable we provide is 15cm length with part number FCC1015. Longer cables, 40 cm, can be purchased as well.

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What is the function of the I/O0 jumper on the HDL662 board?

The baud rate is 921600bps with jumper connection, 115200bps without jumper. But, for K600+ products, it can only support 115200bps with software setting, that is why we encourage the user to use SD card for downloading. If user want to set the baud rate with user settings, please use command 0XE3 to change it. For example, if user want to change to 921600bps, user should self-write command AA E3 55 AA 5A A5 02 10 00 FF CC 33 C3 3C.

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What voltage is supplied to the HDL663?

HDL633 is the board for converting several modules with 10-pin interface to USB at the same time. The voltage is 5v-26v.

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Do user have many users that ask for RS232 over TTL?

RS232V and TTL voltage levels can be altered on the board. If user prefer to TTL, connecting pad can be soldered on.

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Does every model support the "buzzer" feature? Is the default setting for the buzzer, "on" for p/n DMT80480C070_02WT?

There is no buzzer for C-series module. user can see the details from the spec sheet. If user prefer a buzzer function, user have to choose T series or S.

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For DMT32240C035_02W (no touch) what is the Accuracy of the Real Time Clock?

Accuracy of the clock is around 12ppm (1 second difference in 24 hours)

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For DMT32240C035_02W (no touch) can the user update GUI via USB or 10-pin without disconnecting display to user microcontroller?

No, only SD-card interface is available for hot-plug update.

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